Thursday, March 25, 2010

About the "Disorganized Journalism!"

Hi Everyone,

I felt that an about the blog was surely required when starting a new blog, having a different niche altogether! Disorganized Journalism, as the name suggests, is about journalism in a disorganized way! To make it simpler, and clearer, let me tell you the purpose of this blog!
This blog is made to INTERVIEW bloggers. (The popular and the known ones, obviously!) 

But, then, what is the difference between any website interviewing bloggers, and this one? 

*Evil laughter - 3D effect* - You will come to know that, too, once you read some of the interviews! The interviews are going to be evil, bad, mean, bitchy, showing you the other side of the bloggers, too! Obviously, more fun, more sarcasm, and more bullshit will easily be found here. Also, less of seriousness about their blogs! We already know about their blog, don't we?

PS: I am looking for budding writers, and also popular bloggers who can actually take their time out for an interview with The Virgin Blogger!

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